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  1. Agha Iqbal Hussain Reply to Agha


  2. Ajay Jagtap Reply to Ajay

    Why do Dhawan fails to score runs outside sub continent in tests?

  3. Rahul Bhowmick Reply to Rahul

    why did he decide to move to Melbourne? How on earth did he come in contact with his wife who used to live in Australia & him living at Delhi?

  4. Manish Giri Reply to Manish

    How does he plan to ball a pair and perform outside mohali?

  5. Bell Sachin Reply to Bell

    hm…….do you know eng

  6. Mohit John Reply to Mohit

    Oye mucha b aise hi yar …..cha gaya ghuru

  7. KïȠġ Öḟ KìȠġ's Reply to KïȠġ

    Loin of india

  8. Anaz Punkz Reply to Anaz

    Mishakkaran Madhavan

  9. Kavita Jha Reply to Kavita

    What is his opinion on Raina and Jadeja nme being brought in wrong doing? They play together. Do such news raise questions in his minds?

  10. DennisCricket_ meh, u said ur next guest is bigger than lalit modi 🙁

  11. Jimmy Neesham Reply to Jimmy

    I never said I WANTED to answer ridiculous questions!

  12. Dennis Does Cricket Reply to Dennis

    It’s only Monday. I need the ridiculous ones out of the way to ensure we make space for the good ones later in the week U0001f600 It’s a proven formula.

  13. Dennis Does Cricket Reply to Dennis

    Jimmy Neesham Fixed U0001f600U0001f603U0001f602

  14. jaynefrances63 Reply to jaynefrances63

    DennisCricket_ Not that l would, but has he ever been asked the one about the horse sized duck & duck sized horses? JimmyNeesh

  15. Cantbowlthrow This should be fun.

  16. DefensiveBlock Reply to DefensiveBlock

    Cantbowlthrow you are massively late with this Cricketbatcat announced it almost a month ago.

  17. Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ what the over/under on number of times “My dear thing?” is said?

  18. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    evilscootus Cantbowlthrow I hope he goes overs

  19. DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow oh me too, just seeking guidance for a reasonable place to set the betting line

  20. Cantbowlthrow ask blowersh about hotel nudity in a lift without his keys. It’s a good YouTube clip.

  21. DefensiveBlock Cryptically. Well spotted. Cantbowlthrow

  22. DennisCricket_ Cricketbatcat I already have.. Somehow I don’t think it’ll be used. 😉

  23. DennisCricket_ Ask him how his blowersbespoke is coming along. Many customers? Genuinely interested

  24. AJRobertsWriter Reply to AJRobertsWriter

    Cantbowlthrow is it true that your father went to school with Ian Fleming & that he used him as inspiration for the Bond villain?

  25. AJRobertsWriter Reply to AJRobertsWriter

    DennisCricket_ with such a long list to choose from, who was the most out of their depth England test player HB has ever commentated on?

  26. CMCyberknifecC Reply to CMCyberknifecC

    Cantbowlthrow GripGripCricket Who do you think will get the next Cyberknife for cancer? Aus or NZ?

  27. Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ Sure! Hope to get one this time! U0001f605 Who’s the guest?

  28. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    mehtadeep Cantbowlthrow No guest. Just Cat and I. Old school.

  29. DennisCricket_ cool. Looking forward to it. Cheers!

  30. Cantbowlthrow GripGripCricket done already…

  31. DennisCricket_ will it give warnings if it’s going to injure the batsman on delivery? #pink #uandurhand

  32. DennisCricket_ guerillacricket Cricketbatcat Dennis, will you retire soon and become an actually useful member of society? Thanks xxx

  33. DennisCricket_ Cricketbatcat guerillacricket Antibiotics should sort it.

  34. Cantbowlthrow 9TailsCricket DennisCricket_ As a coach focus on technique or runs on jnr level? Impact of T20 vs Time cricket?

  35. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    cjpseevis Cantbowlthrow 9TailsCricket Good question.

  36. Cantbowlthrow Finally recorded one. Wasn’t slanderous/libellous either.

  37. Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ : essentially a judge & jury have found the NZ captain’s evidence worthless – impact on B Mac’s standing?

  38. Cantbowlthrow SydneyThunderGM DennisCricket_ there are only so many Mark Waugh questions that can be asked.. 😉

  39. Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ 9TailsCricket how long til Gayle & his BBL cohorts bag the WI test team. While sipping drinks at Ivy bar?

  40. DennisCricket_ realshoaibmalik Cantbowlthrow Only cricket related?

  41. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    RajaSK3 realshoaibmalik Cantbowlthrow Anything. Keep it nice.

  42. DennisCricket_ realshoaibmalik Cantbowlthrow thats a challenge.. Pass…

  43. DennisCricket_ realshoaibmalik Cantbowlthrow congratulations on 100 episodes! Will surely leave a questions for him.

  44. ResurrectedEvil Reply to ResurrectedEvil

    DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow
    What!?!?! I’m not good enough for the 100th episode…
    The outrage!

  45. Hussain Ijaz Khan Reply to Hussain

    Great shoal malik? Did the word great made him smile in this photo 😛 his numbers are not much better than Marsh brothers lol

  46. Mat Harris Reply to Mat

    Ask him if he’s of the same mind as you about James Anderson!

  47. DennisCricket_ realshoaibmalik Cantbowlthrow watto pulled out?

  48. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    WesPFCNFS I look after you!

  49. bundydave DennisCricket_ realshoaibmalik
    Couldn’t get times to work. Maybe after BBL

  50. Cantbowlthrow cultzeros already done

  51. Cantbowlthrow My son (massive Finch fan) wants to know if you think Finch will still be captain of T20 team for the 2020 T20 World Cup?

  52. Cantbowlthrow when was the last time two domestic one day games had so much input into test selection? Re khawaja & burns

  53. Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ questions in. Whilst wearing my Boony Air 9TailsCricket shirt. Just saying

  54. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    B_Mac_82 Cantbowlthrow 9TailsCricket got em both Ben. Thanks.

  55. DennisCricket_ 9TailsCricket still haven’t received tee from the Neesham podcast.

  56. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    taabaddtoddil 9TailsCricket Really? Email me your details to and ill sort that out

  57. DennisCricket_ taabaddtoddil all Tshirts have been sent to date. Please message us with your details again

  58. DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow 9TailsCricket Here’s a suggestion: Is watching porn during a rain delay cricket?

  59. Cantbowlthrow colblimp1983 DennisCricket_ 20 meters is almost exactly the length of a pitch! (20,12 meters)

  60. Cantbowlthrow colblimp1983 DennisCricket_ And given the rest of the details of this match, the boundary could have been 18 meters too…

  61. DennisCricket_ gilly381 TheGameWallet quite the coup there Dennis

  62. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    teesoobes gilly381 TheGameWallet He’s still the 2nd best keeper to ever appear on the show. Behind me of course.

  63. DennisCricket_ gilly381 TheGameWallet GILLY? Woah mahn. Will pitch a good one!

  64. DennisCricket_ gilly381 TheGameWallet haha! You dickhead!

  65. Edward Fox Reply to Edward

    The 1/2 squash ball in the glove , what’s the real story, was it a dare , or a side bet ?

  66. Dennis Does Cricket Reply to Dennis

    wasn’t it a steak?

  67. Edward Fox Reply to Edward

    I think that was in rod marshes keeping gloves. I’m talking about the wc final batting glove

  68. jaynefrances63 Reply to jaynefrances63

    DennisCricket_ iainobrien I feel I should ask something but all I can think of is . . . (thanks bearded_tit)

  69. jaynefrances63 Reply to jaynefrances63

    DennisCricket_ iainobrien Which 10 guys (from any era) would you pick to play with you in an EnZed XI?

  70. Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ Q:some (not me) have suggested McCullum’s world record was selfishly all about his T20 future. Your opinion?

  71. jaynefrances63 Reply to jaynefrances63

    Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ Does my Tweeted question count?

  72. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    jaynefrances63 Cantbowlthrow Yes

  73. DennisCricket_ TheGameWallet why cant we have a mercenary XI included. Kp gayle carbs wright etc and so on. Would be great fun

  74. DennisCricket_ TheGameWallet who, by virtue of not appearing at the #wt20 will see their value as a player rise most?

  75. DennisCricket_ TheGameWallet how many balls into England’s first game before Kevin Pietersen is mentioned?

  76. DennisCricket_ TheGameWallet What should the World T20 be called. Because everyone just calls it the World Cup. Time to rebrand it?

  77. DennisCricket_ TheGameWallet Pink one please!

  78. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    iainobrien TheGameWallet Haha

  79. ShortFirstSlip Reply to ShortFirstSlip

    Cantbowlthrow TheGameWallet Mick Lewis can create 5 runs without playing, & 113 runs while playing. Surely the next great batting coach?

  80. DennisCricket_ TheGameWallet Do you want them on here or the website

  81. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    ruptified TheGameWallet Website is better. Then we get an email and it doesnt get lost

  82. Cantbowlthrow TheGameWallet why do Australia constantly underform (read – suck) at t20 cricket? (1/2)

  83. Cantbowlthrow TheGameWallet doesn’t seem to fit the well trodden narrative of the mega successful BBL

  84. DennisCricket_ TheGameWallet just bought a couple as b’day gifts for the boys… & a cheeky one for myself. Don’t tell the missus

  85. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    teesoobes TheGameWallet
    Everyone is a winner

  86. DennisCricket_ TheGameWallet yep & you got another question but not as out there as last time
    (Where is Stu MacGill these days?)

  87. DennisCricket_ BumbleCricket TheGameWallet Why don’t you coach anymore?Pakistan need a coach maybe apply for that.Would love to see that.

  88. DennisCricket_ submitted my question about potatoes. My hope is Bumble gets no cricket questions at all. The thought of that amuses me.

  89. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    MarkCooper haha. They are coming with some ripper questions BumbleCricket

  90. Cantbowlthrow what would be the appropriate way for the city of Hyderabad to commemorate David Warner’s one man mission to the IPL title?

  91. CricketFanBob Probably cake. That’s usually the best way.

  92. Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ have a chinwag about how pointless the tri series is!

  93. DennisCricket_ should SL be given extra innings to make EngvsSL an even contest ?

  94. DennisCricket_ without nullifying home conditions, how would you regulate Test nations against preparing uncompetitive home pitches?

  95. NickTheStatsGuy Reply to NickTheStatsGuy

    Cantbowlthrow Speaking of winning stuff, I never got my 9TailsCricket T-shirt.

  96. NickTheStatsGuy 9TailsCricket
    Really? Email me the details again Nick. I’ll forward it onto the 9 Tails guys

  97. NickTheStatsGuy Reply to NickTheStatsGuy

    Cantbowlthrow 9TailsCricket The email has been sent.

  98. Cantbowlthrow what’s going on with England’s Test kit? The red trim, the cream knit jumpers, etc.

  99. Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ : will England still be able to claim Irish players as English after Brexit ? How will they find talent now ?

  100. Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ whose had the worser haircut.. Boris, trump or the Anderson ‘skunk’?

  101. DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow TheGameWallet #ICC Conference. Bi-annual T20 comp, discuss. Poss’ new LBW/Umpire call.

  102. Cantbowlthrow TomMoodyCricket DennisCricket_ Done. U0001f44cU0001f3cf

  103. Cantbowlthrow where do Sri Lanka go after the shambles of an England tour? Also Jimmy did have a streak!!

  104. DennisCricket_ TomMoodyCricket TheGameWallet Did you apply for the coach if Team India? If Yes, what was yr USP?

  105. DennisCricket_ TomMoodyCricket TheGameWallet done!!

  106. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    BryantHowie TomMoodyCricket TheGameWallet legend

  107. Cantbowlthrow What changes might Gid make to Test cricket? 4 days? Day / night? Two divisions? What would he do to preserve the long form?

  108. Cantbowlthrow What’s Gideon’s favourite Big Black album?

  109. DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow : if Gid can win another flag with yarras this year will he celebrate by joining Twitter for just one tweet?

  110. DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow : serious question …. is it technique, negative mindset or selection as biggest barrier to winning in Asia?

  111. Muhammad Farhan Reply to Muhammad

    کیا اظہر کی جگہ سرفراز کو کپتان بنا دینا چاہیے؟ try translating that I am sure you will do a better job than Google translator!

  112. Muhammad Farhan Reply to Muhammad

    کیا اظہر کی جگہ سرفراز کو کپتان بنا دینا چاہیے؟ try translating that I am sure you will do a better job than Google translator!

  113. Muhammad Farhan Reply to Muhammad

    Hint: literal meaning of “Sarfaraz” is “exalt”

  114. Pinaki Swain Reply to Pinaki

    Is Mohd Hafeez good enough to be given so many chances as a Test opener?

  115. Itx Alee Reply to Itx

    Azhar Ali deserve a place in Pakistan one day side

  116. Richo N Lill Reply to Richo

    What was it like playing against the aussies in australia during your first tour,. It was your style i ended up emulating as a young bowler even though i was a one eyed aussie fan, i was fascinated by your ability to move the ball,.

  117. Anna Khan Reply to Anna

    Who wanted Khuram manzoor to play t20s n does he agree that it was thw worst selection in the history of cricket? Lol

  118. Waqar Asif Reply to Waqar

    He scored runs in domestic 4 days games & our selectors select him in T20 squad!!
    Kya ye khula tazzad nahee !!!U0001f914

  119. Taimoor Ahmed Khan Reply to Taimoor

    How does Pakistan proceed forward in modern ONE DAY CRICKET ?

  120. Taimoor Ahmed Khan Reply to Taimoor

    How much of a wanker where Ahmed Shehzad and Umar Akmal were which made him so pissed at them U0001f602?

  121. What would have been his strategy had he bowled to Kohli ?

  122. John Lucas Reply to John

    Wish him and his family Eid Mubarak, and ask him if he’s stoked that he just won me a $129 cricket wallet.

  123. Umair Bashir Reply to Umair

    Why all old goons are controlling PCB and when will we get rid of these

  124. Rizwan Khokhar Reply to Rizwan

    Has Pakistan super league helped Pakistan cricket development?

  125. Ponk Monk Reply to Ponk

    How is match fixing different from his playing days to his coaching days? Also how does it feel to play along with match fixers and to coach a team whose captain and fast bowlers were fixing matches.

  126. Waqar, what do you think of Mazhar Majeed?

  127. Aabi Corleone Reply to Aabi

    Thoughts on Azhar Ali as ODI Captain ???

  128. Anna Khan Reply to Anna

    They should have dropped him after two games. At that point his recent domestic record was not good enough to warrant him a selection.

  129. Saikat Mukherjee Reply to Saikat

    Hi Waqar bhai, Eid mubarak!! Greetings from India, a huge fan of yours. I have are a couple of questions for you, the second one is more of a follow-up question if you may,
    1. What are your views on the current bat sizes? Do you think the ICC should step in and make some rules regarding the sizes considering even edges fly for a six now a days, which brings me to the next part of the question,
    2. What would you suggest is the new ‘yorker’ in today’s age? Do you think a combination of the humongous bats, shortened boundaries and the power play restrictions have made the yorker ineffective or is it the defensive mindset of the bowlers who are more intent on stopping the run flow rather than going for wickets that has made it redundant in today’s game.

  130. Mudassir Haq Reply to Mudassir

    Apparently, it was Afridi who picked him. Khuram wasn’t even in the PSL.

  131. Mudassir Haq Reply to Mudassir

    He was a toe crusher. Kohli would have been hospitalised after facing him. #OKSorry 😛

  132. John Lockett Reply to John

    Why do men have nipples?

  133. Dennis Does Cricket Reply to Dennis

    Finally, someone is taking this task seriously.

  134. Faizan Aly Reply to Faizan

    Can you swing the pee??

  135. Arslan Shaukat Reply to Arslan

    Why aren’t bowlers going for the reverse swinging Yorkers to tailenders in test cricket? Also, will reverse swing ever make a comeback in one dayers?

  136. Amjad Hussain Reply to Amjad

    There have been a lot of players selected for tours that haven’t performed as required. Some time’s we hear whispers that coaches/captains were opposed to these certain players but it was the selectors who were adamant they should play. My question is: Should the sectors be openly held accountable for their selection failures and justify why they were chosen?

  137. Abdul Wahab Reply to Abdul

    My question is why PCB is wasting players like Sadaf Hussain and Tabish khan?

  138. Junaid Khan Reply to Junaid

    Tabish khan waste hua b wo pahle jasy bowler nhi rahai

  139. Abdul Wahab Reply to Abdul

    Still in this national t20 tournament he took 10 wickets in 5 matches

  140. Cantbowlthrow TheGameWallet exclusive club, congratulations

  141. Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ Now that Cook blames DRS for their batting woes, what excuse does he have left after #eng loses 5-0 in #ind?

  142. DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow I have a qstn fr nw i think Aus have enf they shud dclr :p just to avoid that trent bridge shame again 😉

  143. AJRobertsWriter Reply to AJRobertsWriter

    DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow “natural game”: playercode for “I’ve got attention span of a toddler” & coachcode for “I’m shit out of ideas”

  144. dhavalmpanchal Reply to dhavalmpanchal

    Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ TheGameWallet Ben Stokes, took a DRS when he was given LBW, where as he edged and was caught. Why waste?

  145. dhavalmpanchal Reply to dhavalmpanchal

    Cantbowlthrow TheGameWallet DennisCricket_ is Mushtaq Ahmed on the show this week?! (You didn’t mention it in your new FB post!)

  146. dhavalmpanchal Reply to dhavalmpanchal

    Cantbowlthrow DennisCricket_ #AskMushy
    How the role of leg spinner changed in last 8 years, after T20?

  147. DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow TheGameWallet Cricketbatcat Not when I send them in it doesn’t U0001f602 I must be doing it wrong U0001f60b

  148. DennisCricket_ Reply to DennisCricket_

    Nathanielmik Cantbowlthrow TheGameWallet Cricketbatcat Keep trying!

  149. DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow TheGameWallet Cricketbatcat hahah should say “this could happen” then U0001f60b I intend to keep trying haha U0001f642

  150. Cantbowlthrow what’s the best term for pitching one up into a woman’s box area? I prefer prawncracker, any other suggestions?

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