How did “Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw” get its name?

The podcast was a bit of an experiment started with myself and cricket’s funniest observationalist Dan Liebke. The actual list of cricketing terms we used to brainstorm a name is here:

Agricultural shot
Arm ball
Away swing
Back foot shot
Baggy green
Batting collapse
Bend the back
Block hole
Bottom hand
Bowling action
Carry the bat
Cart-wheeling stump
Chin music
Cow corner
Death rattle
Declaration bowling
Drinks waiter
Farm the strike (also shepherd the strike or farm the bowling)
Fast leg theory
Find the gap(s)
First innings points
Flat-track bully
Good length
Hold up an end
Long hop
Military medium
Nervous nineties
Playing on
Protected area
Short of a length
Slog sweep
Steaming in
Switch hit
Textbook Shot
Through the gate
Turn blind
Unplayable delivery
Yes, No, Wait. Sorry.

We nearly landed on “Baggy Green Bullshit” but ditched that at the last minute when Dan discovered that Brett Lee’s band “6 and Out” had a song called “Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw” that we could use for a theme tune.

Watch Brett Lee at his finest!


The story behind the actual cricket incident that created the opportunity for us to use the name can be watched below:

That was October 2013. We haven’t looked back….well not much.

So What Happened to Dan?

Well, nothing really. He is still around and remains the funniest cricket satirist on the planet.

There are numerous stories we could tell to make the story more interesting, but the truth is that Dan decided it wasn’t really his thing. He is still an avid listener and friend of the show.

Lucky for Dennis, Cat Jones’ audition was good enough and when asked to co-host, she agreed.

Buying her an expensive lunch had nothing to do with her decision.

Are Cat and Dennis Married?

Cat: No, we just argue a lot

Dennis: No we don’t.

No, we are not married to each other.

Why is Dennis obsessed with James Anderson?

Dennis: I’m not obsessed. The English are. 

Does Cat do cross stitch?

Ask this question at your peril.

What is the “Muller Award”?

Well, given the show’s name has a tenuous link to former Australian paceman Scott Muller, we decided to have an award for underappreciated acts in the world of cricket.

There have been many worthy winners. Our year always concludes with an annual “Gala Muller Awards Dinner”. Well, we’ve held it once.

Here is the Honour Board of Muller Award Winners