A cricket show featuring the greatest humorists of our time.

Now in its 2nd season.

When they are not available, Cat Jones co-hosts the show with Dan Liebke.

I hosted the first season (that ran for 6 years) but am now an avid listener only

Find it here: Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw Website

Established 2013



  1. Mat Harris

    Rises to the topU0001f609

  2. Jan Sapir

    Congratulations Dennis xx

  3. AnthCondon

    Cricketbatcat DennisCricket_ A warning: don’t do this while doing 120kg leg presses. The guffaw nearly caused a popavalimandropoff event

  4. DennisCricket_

    AnthCondon Cricketbatcat hahaha

  5. Nathan Scrimgeour

    Was Rod Marsh behind the decision to rest Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw for 3 weeks before the big EON sports radio debut?

  6. Turnip Rupert

    Multiple choice question;
    For your sins, you have been punished for eternity. You have to watch Australian teams selected by
    A) Andrew Hilditch
    B) Rod Marsh
    C) No Australian teams, Japanese minor league baseball
    Which Japanese baseball team did you choose and why?

  7. AbdulMo45082886

    DennisCricket_ would love to see our legend with another legend

  8. M_Tarar

    DennisCricket_ will do. Please do ask him about his playing days, how difficult it is to be employed by a board as dysfunctional as PCB.

  9. Abdul1_Rehman22

    Cantbowlthrow waqyounis99 DennisCricket_ We ofcourse know about u but whose Waqar younis ?

  10. bexhoops

    DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow cheers mate…I’ll have a listen tomorrow…hope u mention a Pom being called up..normally other way around

  11. abybravo3

    DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow Mushy_online oh the only leg spinner bowling coach of a team who has only 1 leg spinner U0001f602 must be good 1

  12. Paul Burley

    Shellie Storm Ash
    Andrew Mirams
    Russ Dunning

  13. Jason Upton

    Annette Upton let dad listen to this

  14. Bees Stephen Anderson

    Perfect way to bring in the new year Carl Jolly

  15. Haydon Cooper

    Jacob Murray so good!

  16. Molly Rose

    Lewis didn’t dad have a frog joke

  17. Annette Upton

    Hahaha!!!……will pass that

  18. Kalan Lococo

    Lenny Knuth David Mossman classic

  19. Michael McPherson

    Just needed more of his laugh!!!

  20. Lewis Ingram

    Fipsy had a duck joke

  21. Haryl Wilson

    Good one JulieU0001f923

  22. ClintNic Poynton

    Matt Poynton
    My new dad joke

  23. Gary Manning

    Duane Manning Nathan Manning

  24. Phil Aumann

    Dianne Aumann can u show dad he will love it

  25. Daniel Reponen

    Jean Reponen let dad listen

  26. Jean Reponen

    Lol he loved it

  27. Brenda Crouch

    Very funny Rab x

  28. Rab Nisbet

    James Baird (Jimmy Baird ) thought you would like this… Happy new year!!

  29. Prue Barrett

    Jennifer – please let Greggie listen to this! I’m sure he’s heard it but it’s still gold!!!

  30. Carl Jolly

    Add that to a 77 at midlands today and happy fuckin new year to us all x

  31. Bees Stephen Anderson

    Ambrose I presume U0001f60fU0001f60f

  32. Carl Jolly

    Stick. Like. A. Boss.

  33. Carl Jolly

    12 more stubs and she’ll be a 72

  34. Bees Stephen Anderson

    And you’ll be in the spare bed

  35. Matthew Newman

    Jake, Travis, Ryan

  36. Jock Scahill

    Isaac Bongaarts the wheeze at the end

  37. Jennifer Irvine-Brown

    Thanks Pru – great joke to start the New Year off with!!

  38. Ivin Joc

    Callum Lawrie fuck you man

  39. Luke Thompson

    Bryce Sestich this is the one from the outher day

  40. Harley Parkinson

    Aled William Alex Birch Brayden Wren Timmy Faliszewski. Not sure if it’s the best joke I’ve ever heard or the worst!?

  41. Aled William

    haha wow i don’t know if i should laugh or jump off a cliff

  42. Alex Birch

    Yeah pretty painful mate haha

  43. Daniel Watson

    Matt Arkley Blake Weir the legend returns

  44. Ian Roberts

    He is still the best

  45. Clint Livesley

    Love Listening to Kerry, funny guy

  46. Matthew Ellis

    Lilly Rose can you show this to dad for me please.

  47. Nick Mills

    Eddie Mills show Dad

  48. Lilly Rose

    Sure will..I just watched it..U0001f602U0001f602

  49. Brooke Holdsworth

    Scott McKay I lost it. U0001f602U0001f602

  50. Rhonda Malcolm

    We both loved it Nigel Malcolm

  51. Cam Hall

    Joe Dwyer unbeatable

  52. Joe Dwyer

    Great joke but even better the unedited version when they r still commentating

  53. Ben Derrin

    Patrick O’Connor KOK sends his regards for 2017.

  54. Brady Curran

    Todd Leroy Kitchen never gets old.

  55. Brad Whittle

    Still a classic Steve Sheehan

  56. Steve Sheehan

    Bloody oath it is mate. Kerry said the other day his mate who has a stutter was at a karaoke night and picked “My Sharona”

  57. David Hagtharp

    Sean Bonser Stephen Curtis Matt Elyard Cameron McCool brilliant

  58. Michael Negrepontis

    Griffin Scenes McMaster Skull at his absolute “Scenes” best.

  59. John Mayman

    Ian McKay Andrew Jones Drew Mckay Sam Barnes Shaun Crow get around k o k

  60. Michael Limbrick

    Gold. Took him about 10 minutes to get this out on radio that day. Gold
    John Byrnes
    Brad Dowling
    Wayne Limbrick

  61. Chris Golding

    Decent commentary. Matt Golding

  62. Matt Williamson

    Matt Lauren Ryan

  63. Jimmy Newburn

    John Deitz still funny

  64. John Deitz

    Best of all time

  65. Ryan Dalton

    Showing your age willow when AM radio gets you in stitches.

  66. Matt Williamson

    He’s on triple m now mate

  67. Lauren Sandars

    I had a good chuckle

  68. Ryan Dalton

    Im sure you followed him back begrudgingly.

  69. Tristan Black

    Tyson Cheer I’ve lost it…

  70. Jack McVey

    Simon Anderson Jonathan Stanaway Shits all over the bbc

  71. Alex Dillon

    Chris Hawkins David Brown my favourite Kerry o keefe joke

  72. Daniel Richardson

    Anthony Axton David Judd Adrian Hinds never gets old

  73. James Clark

    Zach Meaden Olly Lees it’s back

  74. Danielle Yeates

    Matthew Yeates your fav laugh 😉

  75. Matthew Yeates

    Best joke ever

  76. Adrian Hinds

    Your right it doesn’t get old haha one of the greatest

  77. Nic Stephens

    Nik Kalcic this is your type of bullshit humour

  78. Matthew Markiewicz

    Ethan Humphries what a ripper.

  79. Georgia Bryant

    Ian Bryant this is what you were talking about?

  80. Ian Bryant

    Yes funny as hey

  81. Georgia Bryant

    Typical dad joke

  82. Ethan Humphries

    Never seen a piece of radio shared so much in my life! Haha

  83. Denise Wilson

    I was listening when he told this live. His laugh cracks you up.

  84. Daniel Evans

    Sarah Jarren it’s gold lol

  85. Sarah Elizabeth

    Aww god U0001f602U0001f602

  86. Alec Heazlewood

    Matt Dorazio Bryce Heazlewood show dad

  87. Nathan Crane

    Christopher Michael Cook pat Pat Wilson Michael Symons

  88. Adrian Pike

    Matthew Elliot Josh Ross Dave

  89. Elliot Dalton

    You cut the laugh off at the end U0001f62a

  90. Darren Walker

    Greg Cheshire classic

  91. Josh Wilson

    Shane De Jong Shane Barry Kerry O keefe at his best

  92. Andrew Berg

    Never gets old, Beau Kennedy Byron Hales Jason Berg Russell Gibson

  93. Alexander Horton

    Tracey Horton show dad this. I remember him telling it to me a while ago! I’m sure he’d love skulls rendition of it

  94. Nathan L Smith

    Adam Roberts you should get a ror out of it.

  95. Greg Cheshire

    That’s a mark joke no doubt haha

  96. Darren Walker

    I loved it

  97. Jacob Clark

    Kerrington Taylor Jones Brendan Goss

  98. Michael Anthony

    Chris Anthony Daniel Thomas Theo Anthony Peter Gammie Matt Gammie Nicholas Anthony how good is the skull

  99. Taylor Jones

    U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 very good from skull U0001f480

  100. Matt Gammie

    Brilliant. The laugh tops it all off.

  101. James Bounds

    Tom Pierce show Chaz pls

  102. Nathan Blakely

    David Macleay Andrew Kikeros Leigh Kohlmann Callum Fleming oldie but goodie

  103. Callum Fleming

    Such a goodie

  104. Adam Roberts

    That’s gold,wish they had kept it going to hear his stupid laugh

  105. Heath Manix

    Scott Dion Brett

  106. Sam Cook

    Cam Powell remember this?

  107. Cam Powell

    Hahaha so good

  108. Will Shirvington

    Ben Robbie Paddy Billy James Remington this will always be the best.

  109. Nick Stanley

    Harry Stanley love him

  110. Nick Stanley

    Charlotte Stanley show dad this

  111. Peter Ayles

    Omg I shat myself with laughter

  112. Caitlin Smales

    Unnabelle Broun dead

  113. Steph Bavoillot

    Sean Holland.. memorise this.. it is a perfect example of a Dad joke!

  114. Graham White

    Lindsay Hore Shaun Irvin Glen Miller Mareko Panapa pat Roe

  115. Doug Crowley

    Steve Crowley it’s still going around

  116. Pleb Lash

    Sam Walsh hahaha

  117. Josh Simmonds

    Cam Buxton Trent Jackson hahaha

  118. Tom King

    James Berry every time

  119. Michael Murphy

    Taylor Stokes happy birthday

  120. Josh Simmonds

    Rochelle Simmonds show this to dad

  121. Taylor Stokes

    Hahahahaha incredible, cheers murph U0001f602

  122. Michael Murphy

    I had to replace that joke I ruined last year

  123. Taylor Stokes

    Hahahaha yeah true

  124. Matthew Hume

    Emily Emily Frawley

  125. Wayne Hayres

    Ray Ray Gartrell Jeff Hayres Gavin Hayres

  126. Ben Edward

    Jason I think you first showed me this quality joke

  127. Rochelle Simmonds

    He loved it

  128. Jason Guppy

    Hahaha i still remember showing you!

  129. Christopher Cherry

    Madi Andrews that laugh

  130. Tom King

    Poor harsha’s got no idea

  131. Luke Fellows

    Hahahaha good old kerry Jayden Williams Jack Edward Burley

  132. Lewis White

    Jack Tossol hahaha

  133. Jack Tossol

    Kerry’s laugh is funnier than the joke

  134. Tom Fisher

    John McIlveen remember this one?

  135. Tom Fisher

    Fiasco Nelson still the funniest joke ever told

  136. Jeremy Inder

    Ben Allman Nathan Drane classic Kerry

  137. John Douvlos

    Adrian Rowse this is still soooo funny and new… Matt Heffernan Matt Bode

  138. Adrian Rowse

    Listened to it again last night John Douvlos Matt Heffernan Matt Bode……….twice

  139. Daniel Thomas

    Missed the best bit. “Bracken running away from us and sangakara isn’t interested in that one”

  140. Chris Anthony

    That’s my favourite part Daniel Thomas

  141. Ryan Cook

    Jenny Cook this ones your kind of joke

  142. Alec Mouncey

    Cam Taylor Lucy Morris mat Matt Coles Kailin Thomas

  143. Alec Mouncey

    One of the best

  144. Tim Dawes

    Jay Edwards Harry Chalk gets better every time U0001f602U0001f602

  145. Jay Edwards

    Haha yeah he’s on MMM on the cricket app was on fire yesterday

  146. Pamela Barnard

    Really miss his commentary on U0001f524…..U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  147. Damian Godfrey

    U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602LucaLucas GreennBrendon BriershMathew SheltontScott PurselloAaron Barclay

  148. Scott Pursell

    Classic. Heard it years ago but never gets old. His laugh at the end tops it off! Adrian Porter is disappointed his oooh of pain doesn’t finish it off!

  149. Adrian Porter

    Heard the ooooooh a couple of times yesterday!

  150. Scott Pursell

    I’m starting to enjoy Lawrence Mooney’s Malcolm Turnbull performances too!

  151. Damian Godfrey

    Scott Pursell yes quite humorous as the pm

  152. Dale Leslie

    Peter Lane this is who Kerry ‘Skull’ O’Keefe is. The only shit thing about this cut is they cut his laughter at his own joke short.

  153. Peter Lane

    Thanks to triple m I am well aware of this laugh you told me about. I’m unsure if I like him or not. One crazy cat

  154. Dale Leslie

    You should definitely like

  155. Amy Powell

    Chris Spencer gets me every time U0001f602U0001f61c

  156. Robert Kermeen

    That is absolutely GOLD from the man who has is probably Australia’s Last entertaining commentator.

  157. Nathan Grzona

    Fray Fray Brannan Everett Dylan Everett Benjamin English

  158. Brett Woods

    Luke Bero more skull gold

  159. Luke Bero

    Hahahaha i played and lost it and soph just looks at me very confused haha

  160. Oscar Tate

    Not as good as Sam Crab U0001f980 but bloody gold Laura Sharkey Curtis Doughty

  161. Mark Brown

    Samantha Scammell Grandioso can you show this to Pondi x

  162. Marcus Drum

    Brooke Hodgetts Jarrod Drum Chriso loves this…

  163. Daz Lewis

    Gold Alex Laing Benjamin Campbell Tom Bennett Angus Bennett Curtis Doughty

  164. Kevvo Mate

    Oldy but a goody Jacob Eisenhuth Chris Dryburgh John Joc O’Connor

  165. Alister Woods

    Kloe Spiller Woods Toby Spiller Holly Spiller your welcome

  166. Kloe Spiller Woods

    Oh golly no way!

  167. Alister Woods

    A pity it’s not the whole version. It goes for about 3 minutes. I will try and find it

  168. Rhys Barrett

    Josh Black you told it better ☺️

  169. Helen Drew

    I love Kerry!

  170. Adam Trace

    Toby Francis enjoy

  171. Chris Todd

    This guy would keep people watching the cricket on tv #class

  172. Keegan Carr

    happy friday Robert Sloppers James Chandler Luke Matthews Patty Bourke

  173. Cameron Davies

    Why Why Why do they cut off his laughter at the end ? The joke isn’t that funny but his laugh is !!!!!

  174. Darren Chesterfield

    Bridie Chesterfield Xavier Chesterfield An oldie but a goodie.

  175. Nath Ryan

    Kerrrrrry! Danny Palmer Henry J. Waternoose III

  176. Rob Gardiner

    Did you tell me about this one Greg ?

  177. Ryan Kitch

    David Sim Marcus Tippett never gets old

  178. Eddie Smith

    Anthony Russell Lachlan A. McQueen never gets old

  179. Anthony Russell

    HIS OLD MAN’S A ROLLING STONEHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  180. Lachlan A. McQueen

    He is back on the Ms

  181. Andrew Cracknell

    It’s a shame that it’s the abridged version it took skull about 6 overs to tell it amongst cricket commentary made it so much funnier

  182. James Cracknell

    Here you go David Dews

  183. Susan Gunn

    One of my favourites too. I miss Kerry.

  184. Jack Bee

    Callum Sauer you’ll enjoy this. Add it to the repertoire

  185. Ian Watts

    William Clark William Nolan they cut out his laugh but!

  186. Daniel Bonnett

    Michael Baysinger Nathan Simcocks Jordan Moulday Jacob McElroy Andy Ellis Liam Kenyon fucking funny if you get it @andy

  187. Jye Weimer

    Julienne Fox like the joke u told me

  188. Andrew Owen

    Not that you need tagging… Kate Anika Cassie

  189. Andrew Owen

    It’s missing “Bracken to Sangakkara”… U0001f644

  190. Anika Warburton

    Andrew Owen U0001f644 missing the best bit

  191. Ben Mathewson

    Isaac Mathewson Harry Jamison Alex Frame my fave man on earth and his best work in a simple to use recording

  192. Isaac Mathewson

    What a bloke

  193. Isaac Mathewson

    That’s why we love him

  194. Callum Tatnell

    Philip Hutchison remember when we used to listen to this!!

  195. Kate Holliday

    Jipped! It’s not even funny when they cut out the giggles along the wat

  196. Callum Sauer

    Very familiar with it U0001f44fU0001f44fU0001f44f

  197. Matthew Czarnota-Bojarski

    Jacqui…. Dean would like this…

  198. Luke Wade

    Wayne Wade some new material

  199. Peter Burns

    Maureen Burns – get Dad to listen to this one!

  200. Philip Hutchison

    Ahahah “thats a knick knack paddy whack, give the frog a loan, his old man is a rolling stone!!’

  201. Mick Alexander

    Isaac Swolski Blane Marlowe Joshua Holding Ben Andrews Matthew Mooki Karl James fucking U0001f923

  202. Cassie Cavanagh

    Showed this to my dad at Christmas, brought the house down U0001f601

  203. Andrew Owen

    Cassie haha. What are you doing Oz Day weekend?

  204. Tayla Rice

    Jamie-lee Freers Gaye Tuddenham Kyle Tuddenham Anae Johnston April Johnston Gary Davy this is my joke! Told properly U0001f602

  205. Jamie-lee Freers

    I like your version better TayU0001f602U0001f44dU0001f3fc

  206. Craig Orr

    Johnson Orr a new one for wee john?

  207. Dean Day

    Jacqui Lenders love it! Thanks Matt!

  208. Tayla Rice

    Jamie-lee Freers absolutely U0001f602 im gonna have to start linking people to this when I tell it!

  209. Brent Macaffer

    You’re favourite Alex Lu

  210. Alex Lu

    Can’t beat it, the best

  211. Daniel Hales

    Thats great U0001f602

  212. Wes Moore

    Brett Thompson Rodney Mackintosh Aaron Swindells Andrew Yeaman Andrew Shelton josh Josh Hall Tim Tim Thompson

  213. Beau Kennedy

    Russell Gibson haha gold

  214. Andrew Shelton

    Hunts was better

  215. Wes Moore

    Andrew Shelton post it

  216. Andrew Shelton

    Wes Moore hahahaha

  217. Russell Gibson

    Haha yeah absolute pissa

  218. Jarrod Herring

    Ryan, not told as well as Allans version.

  219. Ryan Herring

    Get him to tell it this weekend U0001f61dU0001f648

  220. Matthew Bergin

    Patrick Comerford Daniel O’Connell gets better everytinr

  221. Daniel O'Connell

    Haha I was gonna say, you’ve tagged me in this before

  222. Ben Stewart

    Tom Guy finally someone who can tell this joke

  223. Cameron Hull

    this is amazing

  224. Liam James

    Michael Michael Henderson

  225. Tom Guy

    It needs to go for 20 minutes longer though

  226. Cate Clark

    Always makes me laugh.

  227. Tyler Barnes

    Joel Lovett Tom Mills best joke best commentator

  228. Gavin Hall

    Hunter Hall .. always a good laugh on the drive to Coota !!

  229. Matt Crawford

    Paul Sampson this is the joke I was telling you about

  230. Matt Crawford

    YouTube the radio version, much funnier because you hear the reaction

  231. Paul Sampson

    Haha loses his shit

  232. Britt Faulkner

    Teresa Curry
    This is what I was taking about today, that I said to listen to when you get home

  233. Richard Nittolo

    Get him back on radio

  234. Robyn Clark

    Omfg wat a scream

  235. Jackson Saward

    James Taylor Chris Martin comedy gold

  236. Chris Martin

    This is ridiculously shit