A cricket show featuring the greatest humorists of our time.

Now in its 2nd season.

When they are not available, Cat Jones co-hosts the show with Dan Liebke.

I hosted the first season (that ran for 6 years) but am now an avid listener only

Find it here: Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw Website

Established 2013


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Mat Harris

Rises to the topU0001f609

Jan Sapir

Congratulations Dennis xx


Cricketbatcat DennisCricket_ A warning: don’t do this while doing 120kg leg presses. The guffaw nearly caused a popavalimandropoff event


AnthCondon Cricketbatcat hahaha

Nathan Scrimgeour

Was Rod Marsh behind the decision to rest Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw for 3 weeks before the big EON sports radio debut?

Turnip Rupert

Multiple choice question;
For your sins, you have been punished for eternity. You have to watch Australian teams selected by
A) Andrew Hilditch
B) Rod Marsh
C) No Australian teams, Japanese minor league baseball
Which Japanese baseball team did you choose and why?


DennisCricket_ would love to see our legend with another legend


DennisCricket_ will do. Please do ask him about his playing days, how difficult it is to be employed by a board as dysfunctional as PCB.


Cantbowlthrow waqyounis99 DennisCricket_ We ofcourse know about u but whose Waqar younis ?


DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow cheers mate…I’ll have a listen tomorrow…hope u mention a Pom being called up..normally other way around


DennisCricket_ Cantbowlthrow Mushy_online oh the only leg spinner bowling coach of a team who has only 1 leg spinner U0001f602 must be good 1

Paul Burley

Shellie Storm Ash
Andrew Mirams
Russ Dunning

Jason Upton

Annette Upton let dad listen to this

Bees Stephen Anderson

Perfect way to bring in the new year Carl Jolly

Haydon Cooper

Jacob Murray so good!

Molly Rose

Lewis didn’t dad have a frog joke

Annette Upton

Hahaha!!!……will pass that

Kalan Lococo

Lenny Knuth David Mossman classic

Michael McPherson

Just needed more of his laugh!!!

Lewis Ingram

Fipsy had a duck joke

Haryl Wilson

Good one JulieU0001f923

ClintNic Poynton

Matt Poynton
My new dad joke

Gary Manning

Duane Manning Nathan Manning

Phil Aumann

Dianne Aumann can u show dad he will love it

Daniel Reponen

Jean Reponen let dad listen

Jean Reponen

Lol he loved it

Brenda Crouch

Very funny Rab x

Rab Nisbet

James Baird (Jimmy Baird ) thought you would like this… Happy new year!!

Prue Barrett

Jennifer – please let Greggie listen to this! I’m sure he’s heard it but it’s still gold!!!

Carl Jolly

Add that to a 77 at midlands today and happy fuckin new year to us all x

Bees Stephen Anderson

Ambrose I presume U0001f60fU0001f60f

Carl Jolly

Stick. Like. A. Boss.

Carl Jolly

12 more stubs and she’ll be a 72

Bees Stephen Anderson

And you’ll be in the spare bed

Matthew Newman

Jake, Travis, Ryan

Jock Scahill

Isaac Bongaarts the wheeze at the end

Jennifer Irvine-Brown

Thanks Pru – great joke to start the New Year off with!!

Ivin Joc

Callum Lawrie fuck you man

Luke Thompson

Bryce Sestich this is the one from the outher day

Harley Parkinson

Aled William Alex Birch Brayden Wren Timmy Faliszewski. Not sure if it’s the best joke I’ve ever heard or the worst!?

Aled William

haha wow i don’t know if i should laugh or jump off a cliff

Alex Birch

Yeah pretty painful mate haha

Daniel Watson

Matt Arkley Blake Weir the legend returns

Ian Roberts

He is still the best

Clint Livesley

Love Listening to Kerry, funny guy

Matthew Ellis

Lilly Rose can you show this to dad for me please.

Nick Mills

Eddie Mills show Dad

Lilly Rose

Sure will..I just watched it..U0001f602U0001f602

Brooke Holdsworth

Scott McKay I lost it. U0001f602U0001f602

Rhonda Malcolm

We both loved it Nigel Malcolm