Hi there!

I’m Dennis and welcome to my website.

Here’s Imran Khan interviewing me about my love for James Overratedson 

Within these pages, you should expect to find a mixture of articles, podcasts and random things to make cricket more fun and less stuffy.

You won’t get bored, unless you like reading long winded essays with big words no-one can really understand. We don’t have those.

Lasith Malinga says that he wanted to copy my beard, but took it a little too far.


virat kohli

Virat Kohli stopped me for a selfie. I said yes, as long as I could make myself look old and startled. He agreed.


I’ve decided to collate all my cricket stuff into one easy to ridicule place. I hope you enjoy trolling through its pages.

In that Pakistani language, it says “crazy Australian found wandering through Lahore wearing a replica 1992 World Cup shirt”.

Other places that have published my stuff for some unknown reason:

I had pieces tweeted out by Indian politicians.

Even the ABC have linked to my pieces. Their standards are slipping.

Most remarkably, I’ve also had a tweet appear in Time Magazine and it had nothing to do with cricket.

I get around more than Shane Warne on a Tinder binge.

sunday telegraph

The UK’s Sunday Telegraph are very selective with their Tweets of the Day. Quote from 23/8/15

Podcast, Radio and TV

Listen to “The Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw Cricket Show” on every podcast app known to man, including iTunes.  I used to host it and talk crap about the game, but mainly laugh at the funnies. It is probably the most cricket podcast listened to in the world. But I got bored of it after owning the airwaves for so long. My mates still do it. Go find it and subscribe.

I snuck onto the set of “Game On Hai”. The host was unimpressed.


Sometimes I appear on TV.  Once it was via Crimewatch, but usually it is on Pakistani TV.

I have interviewed everyone from IPL founder Lalit Modi, through to Adam Gilchrist, PM Imran Khan and everyone in between. The list grows every week.


Proper cricket journalists all over the world still can’t work out how I got my own weekly radio show. They laughed when a year later, the station went broke.

Bay 13

I’ve created a place where I attempt to showcase and assist great young writers.

It’s called ‘Bay 13’ after the famous, and now defunct area of the MCG where real men drank full strength beer and held up “Bring Back Deano” signs.

If you want to play and be a contributor, please drop me a line.

shikhar dhawan

I was in a rush, but was happy to stop for a blurry selfie for fan Shikhar Dhawan


So, if you’re a relation to Mr Packer and want some new blood on your Channel 9 Cricket coverage, drop me a line. I’m available.

I will probably also settle for the odd ABC radio gig.

If not that, perhaps Cricinfo might mistakenly publish one of my tweets?

We can only dream.

Misbah’s head is bigger than mine.

Social Media Links

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I use Instagram to share what ‘behind the scenes’ looks like in my life.


Here’s the #UniverseBoss taking a selfie with Chris Gayle


Now What?


If I were you, I’d sign up to my newsletter, look through the archives, check out the testimonials and listen to a podcast or two. Close it all out by watching some of my videos.


Here’s where I broke the internet in Pakistan.


One of these men is the next great Australian allrounder. The other is James Faulkner

One of these men is the next great Australian all-rounder. The other is James Faulkner


I’m younger than Rashid Khan 



When you get the founder of the IPL to agree that the PSL is better.



Agree with me? Perhaps you think I'm an arsehat? Leave your comments below:

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Rohit Singh

Hi Dennis

Trust you are well. I am not sure whether you remember me , but I worked at Global Sales in 1999-2000. I came across your website and found it it very interesting . I am myself a cricket nuffy and try to watch as much cricket as i can. I must confess I am very impressed by your take on the game. You polarise opinions with your humorous take which adds spice and flavour to cricket, considering the rampant commercialisation has made it so monotonous.

Never knew that you were so involved and connected to the game. I just returned from England after watching India’s first four games. I have been reading your tweets , even though i am not on twitter.

I am still in the call centre game, the only difference being i have my own business now. We are based in Southbank. I would love to catch up with you . Let me know if you want to have a few beers. My shout and I will bring a die hard Pakistan fan with me.

Hope to hear from you soon. Take care .

Kind Regards
Rohit Singh


you are a son of abitch sucking pakistan cockk


Tu kutty ki aulaad hy …..Hindu kutta

Hamid Khan

Aisa mat bol atleast hamare Prophet ne kisiko gali dena nahi sikhaya hai

Mohammed ka baap

Maa chuda
Jihadi musalman


“Tea was fantastic”

Virat Kohli

how do you earn money?


by doing jihad simple


Love you bro from pakistan ❤️