Many of you have asked how you can support “Dennis Does Cricket”.

It costs me around $2,5oo per year to keep this site alive.

Expenses include website hosting fees, bribes to our podcast guests, prizes, sound and video equipment, flowers for my wife to say sorry for wasting so much time on this stuff, etc

So, I’ve come up with a few ways that you can help me out just a little.

Consider My Course?

I created a video course on how to build a website like this one and get paid to write.

It has 33 video lessons (over 4.5 hrs) on how to build the webpage and a 45 page eBook on how to write in different styles.

It’s only $9.

Not only do you learn a new set of skills, but you also support me as well.

Win Win.

Click here to purchase the course.

Not your thing?

A Simple Donation Perhaps?

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