A live cricket radio show featuring the greatest humorists of our time.

When they are not available, Dennis Freedman co-hosts the show with Cat Jones. Sometimes we let an intern join us.

We claim to be the world’s most popular cricket show, but who really knows?

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So, if you like:

  • Cricket chat full of humour;
  • Interviews with stars of the game;
  • Professional sounding audio that wasn’t recorded in a garage;
  • Prizes every show for our listeners; and
  • Did I mention it’s funny?

….then you need to listen and subscribe to “Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw”.

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Things you need to know:

  • We love feedback. Don’t like what we do. Please tell us. Love what we do? Then bloody well share it with all your mates!
  • We love questions. Please take advantage of the question form and the voice mail system we have paid a stupid amount for. The voice mail is really cool, and if we like your recording, you will hear your voice in our podcasts!
  • We love show ideas. Again, let us know what we should be talking about, who we should be interviewing, what giveaways you want to win and stuff like that.
  • We don’t take it that seriously. If you are offended by negative views on Sachin Tendulkar, James Anderson or the new Adelaide Oval redevelopment, this is probably not the podcast for you.
  • We love all cricket. We talk about all countries, mens and womens, Test, 1st Class, ODI’s and T20. Well, in the case of T20, we try and limit what we say as we have no idea. Well, actually, Cat is a Melbourne Renegades member, so we probably know more than what we allude to

Have fun!

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